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Chelation Therapy: Detoxing from Heavy Metals and Improving Circulatory Health

by Ralph J. Luciani D.O., M.S., PhD., M.D.(H)

Chelation therapy is a process of removing heavy metallic ions such as lead, mercury, cadmium and calcium from the human body causing a change or a balancing of other metal ions. But as a consequence, it has also been noted that cardiovascular disease, including angina, improves dramatically.

There are several chelating agents which have a particular effectiveness for certain heavy metals: EDTA has a high affinity for lead, arsenic, and calcium: DMPS and DMSA for cadmium, mercury and arsenic. We treat mercury toxicity (mostly from tooth fillings) with DMPS and DMSA.

Chelation therapy has done wonders for many of my patients and I am quite excited about the new research data that shows its effectiveness of this method of treatment. Take Ms. E. for example. When I first saw her, she had been given no further hope of recovery from her heart disease by her Cardiologist. She was suffering from a disease of the heart muscle and the pumping ability of the heart was severely compromised. She would get short of breath with simple tasks including walking. After 30 chelation treatments she was no longer short of breath, her heart function had improved significantly and her cardiologist was amazed and perplexed.

Chelation uses a chelating agent which binds to heavy metals. In fact EDTA, the agent commonly used, is a synthetic amino acid agent which the FDA indicates for lead toxicity. Chelating agents eliminate heavy metals through the urinary tract. Chelating agents such as DMSA and DMPS, which are used for mercury detoxification are also given I.V. but it is also recommended that its source be removed (silver tooth fillings).

Heavy metals cause oxidation reactions which can damage cells. The chelating agent escorts these reactive species out of the body allowing cells to normalize their membranes.

In the past, trained and certified chelating physicians used a tried and safe 3-hour intravenous drip protocol. New data from Dr. Walter Blumer in Switzerland has revolutionized that technique. He has published amazing data on the effectiveness of a one-minute IV push of Calcium EDTA. In his experience, only one in 59 patients receiving this new treatment developed cancer over an 18 year period compared to 30 of 172 controls not receiving the treatment who were dying of cancer in the same 18 year period. This represents a 90 percent reduction in cancer mortality. The data was studied by Swiss authorities for flaws. None was found. All participants were exposed to lead which is believed to have been implicated in the causes. We know that lead contributes to hypertension, dementia and behavior disorders as well as being a carcinogen.

His research also found an astounding 90% reduction in heart attacks in his patients receiving the calcium EDTA quick pushes over a 10 year period. In 343 patients with an average age of 44, the quick infusion of 2-3 grams of calcium EDTA given twice weekly over 10 weeks, resulted in complete resolution of all cardiac symptoms in 68 percent of patients and significant improvement in another 22 percent. Again, heavy metals are probably implicated in arterial damage.

These data support the use of this new technique. Since EDTA and other chelating agents flush heavy metals through the kidneys, this form of treatment should only be administered and monitored by a licensed medical physician trained and certified in Chelation therapy. Unfortunately many untrained health practitioners are administering chelation without properly monitoring kidney function. If you believe you may benefit from chelation for either mercury or other heavy metal toxicity, or for cardiac problems, contact our clinic.